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API Freshwater Master Test Kit

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Manufacturer Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
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Model 34
UPC 746278539681
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18 Jul 2017

Fish Tank Table

Fish tanks and aquariums are one of the best furniture pieces that you can add on to any room of the house. These decorative pieces can give your rooms that added life and a very relaxing view of actual live animals.

2 Jul 2017

The Way To Prepare Your Fish Pond For A Storm

It does not matter where you live, I am sure that you have storms at some time of the year. In the north of the northern hemisphere, we tend to get lots of rain in winter and spring. In the tropics, there may be monsoons.

30 Jun 2017

Fish Tank Filters - Which is Right for My Tank?

Fish tank filters are available in many different types and styles. This if often one of the most difficult but important decisions that faces someone who is about to set up a new fish tank.

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    6 Jul 2017 Posted By Delores C.

    Aquarium Plants - An Underwater Garden

    Adding live plants to an aquarium does more than just improve aesthetics - plants provide shelter, food for vegetarian fish, and prevent green water.

  • Blog Entry
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    24 Jun 2017 Posted By Shawn M.

    About Saltwater Aquarium Fish

    Saltwater aquarium fish are amongst the most beautiful of animals to be found anywhere in the world. A variety of saltwater aquarium fish can be housed in your marine tank provided you know what they need in terms of care, such as feeding, environment, competitors and space to grow.

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    Manufacturer: Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Brand: API Model: 402M Color: Whites & Tans